With energy points stimulated, and body and mind perfectly relaxed, slip into a realm of total wellness and relaxation.
Discover a world of total relaxation and enjoy the pleasures of wellness and beauty treatments.

The Pelourinho

With its central location, semi-open design leading into luxuriant tropical gardens, and friendly atmosphere, the Pelourinho provides the perfect setting for enjoying international cuisine from the buffet. A selection of low-calorie dishes prepared daily by our chef and his team are also available.

The Cabana

There is no better place to sample Brazilian specialities than this open-air restaurant located in the heart of the coconut grove, near the tennis courts. The Cabana atmosphere and Brazilian cuisine - with fish dishes and traditional cassava - will put you in the mood.


With an ideal poolside location and a fabulous view over the beach and sea, this bar has a spacious terrace, part covered and part open-air, and serves snacks during the day. By night, the mood goes upbeat as the bar 'goes disco'. A cigar humidor is available at extra cost.

The Cabana

Right next door to our Brazilian specialty restaurant, this trendy bar serves delicious coffee and refreshing fruit juices all day long. Catch up with friends and family in a relaxed environment.


Brazil in brief :

  • Surface area: 8,514,876 sq km
  • Capital: Brasilia
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • Currency: the Real.

Make the most of your stay at Itaparica to discover the natural beauty and fascinating culture of the region.
Towns located nearby:

  • Bom Despacho is 12 km from Club Med.
    Travel time: a 15-minute drive.
  • Mar Grande is 13 km from Club Med.
    Mar Grande is buzzing with activity both day and night. The town centre is very pleasant, and there is a good beach where you can enjoy a swim.
    Travel time: a 15-minute drive.
  • Itaparica is 18 km from Club Med.
    The capital of the state of Bahia is located in a beautiful, sheltered bay. This unique town has a very lively upper quarter, while the lower quarter is the business and commercial sector.
    Don't miss : the ruins of the 3rd church ever built in Brazil, dating from the 16th century, the fountain of youth, the fort of São Lourenço and Itaparica's historic town centre.
    Travel time: a 20-minute drive.
  • Morro de São Paulo
    Don't miss : The fortress bui1t in 1830 .
    Deserted beaches with natural pools and sandbacks at low tide.
  • Salvador is 60 km from Club Med.
    The capital of the state of Bahia is located at the edge of a beautiful bay nestled inland. This city, unique in Brazil, is made up of the upper town, where there is a great popular fervor and the lower city, bringing together the business district and shops. Beautiful beaches also stretch all along the south coast of the city.
    Don't miss : Churches of Bonfim and Saint Francis of Assisi, the Fort of Mont Serrat, the Barra lighthouse and its famous beach. Pelourinho, an old area of the city that boasts remains of its colonial past.
    Travel time: 1 and a half hours by road and ferry.



  • Discovering your bungalow, in the shade of 33 hectares of coconut palms, or on stilts along the river bank
  • Sunbathing on a sheltered beach, protected by a coral reef
  • Living to the sound of the samba and the Bahia drums
  • Great games of tennis on one of the Resort's 8 courts, or fun on the flying trapeze


  • VERA CRUZ BAHIA CEP.44 470-000
  • State of Bahia - Itaparica Brazil
Salvador International Airport
120 分钟


  • 舒适客房
  • 儿童俱乐部 (4-17岁)
  • 三餐饕餮美食
  • 运动 & 活动
  • 白天 & 晚间娱乐








*at extra cost