Originated from the high-end resort brand Club Med, which customizes exquisite vacation in daily living circle, tailored-made for urban people in China, and is extension of Club Med spirit into cities. This brand advocates "A Stroll in the City and the Freedom is Around Corner", where you can escape from the trivialities, experience thefamily vacation at ease.


Welcome to Taicang, a modern pastoral field and and felicific garden city.
Located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province with 4500 years history, Taicang is known as "golden Taicang" with the golden countryside field. The flourishing maritime trade and efficent water transport made Taicang the "dock of six kingdoms" from Yuan and Ming dynasties. Zhenghe, the great navigator start his seven naval expeditons from Taicang.
Just one hour drive from Shanghai downtown, you will experience the historical culture in Taicang and enjoy the ALPS atmosphere to unlock your ideal ski vacation with Club Med Urban Oasis.