Our vision

This is the place to be happy; and now is the time to be happy… But tomorrow has to be happy too

At Club Med, we know that our planet’s resources are not infinite. We are aware of the growing impact of tourism on the environment. We think that local communities ought to be able to benefit from our business. And we see how our employees (G.Os & G.Es) are looking for meaning in their work.

An old commitment, an up-to-date approach

From 1950 to today, some key dates

§ 1950: birth of Club Méditerranée, initially a non-profit association
§ 1965: opening of the first permanent Village in Agadir (Morocco), a destination chosen for its beauty and hospitality, but also to contribute to the rebirth of a region that was devastated by the earthquake of 1960
§ 1973: construction of the first wastewater treatment plant in Mauritius at Pointe aux Canonniers
§ 1978: creation of the largest solar panel field in Europe at Club Med des Boucaniers, in Martinique
§ 1979: birth of the Club Med Foundation
§ 2005: creation of the Club Med sustainable development department
§ 2012: Valmorel, first mountain hotel in France to be certified HQE (High Environmental Quality)
§ 2013: first natural swimming pool in China, at Club Med in Guilin
§ 2019: launch of the Happy to Care scheme

Did you know?

Founded more than forty years ago, the Club Med Foundation is one of the oldest Foundations created by a company in France. A pioneer in involving our employees, and then involving our customers, Club Med helps thousands of GOs and GEs to get involved in our charitable endeavours. Discover and support these projects on the Friends of the Club Med Foundation website at www.amisfondationclubmed.com

Expert in dream locations, conscious of their fragility

To preserve our exceptional natural heritage

§ Certified sustainable holidays: 80% of our resorts are GREEN GLOBE certified, with a target of 100% by 2021
§ Concrete eco-commitments such as the elimination of single-use plastic, combatting food waste, promotion of animal welfare
§ Activities to discover and protect nature

Pioneer in tourism, accelerator of local development

Share value locally

§ Charity at the heart of your holidays, with the Club Med Foundation: for example with "Friends around the world", children from local communities meet young GMs and learn from them
§ Support for local farmers and agroecology with the "Green Farmers" scheme
§ Respect for local hosts and support for the local economy such as prevention of child abuse in tourism with ECPAT
§ 75% of jobs are filled locally, local purchases being developed

Happy G.Os and G.Es make happy G.Ms

Offer more than a job – offer experiences, for self development and the forging of bonds for life

§ 100% of Chefs de Village come from internal promotion
§ 46% of management committees are women
§ 90% of Resorts have G.Os of at least 9 different nationalities

Some initiatives in our Resorts

Club Med’s commitment to sustainable tourism is built on solid foundations

awarded by recognised international certification bodies

§ 100% of the construction of our new resorts has been BREEAM eco-certified (or equivalent) since 2018
§ 46 Resorts certified Green Globe for their sustainable management (objective: 100% in 2021)
§ Over 20 Resorts awarded the Ecoleader label by TripAdvisor®
§ Discovery Tours by Club Med certified as ATR since 2017

What is BREEAM certification?

Eco-certification of construction

Sine 2018, Club Med has been committed to eco-certifying the construction of all of their new Resorts with BREEAM (or equivalent certification depending on the world region), one of the most recognised international and independent green building certifying bodies in the world which certifies the responsible design and construction of different types of buildings.

Additionally, in October 2017, Club Med's Construction and Sustainable Development teams worked with the BREEAM teams to create the first CLUB MED - BREEAM "Resort" eco-construction benchmark, the first standard specially for Resorts, which are specifically composed of several buildings spread over large spaces.


Let's all embrace eco-gestures together!

This winter we are intensifying our efforts to reduce our energy consumption by stepping up measures in our resorts, our offices and our travel agencies. Rest assured, the impact on your vacation is as light as powdery snow.

Now it's our turn!

You too can help reduce energy consumption

We are convinced that the small reflexes of each individual are important in order to conserve precious resources. Here are the daily eco-gestures you can apply even on vacation:
• Turn off the lights when you leave a room, empty rooms prefer darkness.
• Leave your electronic devices off instead of on standby.
• Your idle chargers dream of being unplugged.
• One bath saved, 4 showers gained!
• Do not change towels like shirts.
• Stairs instead of elevators, that's good for your health!