Not just a job but an experience to be enjoyed

Based on our firm belief that happy G.Os and G.Es make for happy G.Ms, Club Med offers a unique careers model and approach to employability.
This allows staff to progress at the company and experience the joy of realising their full potential.

*G.O = Gentils Organisateurs (organisers), G.E = Gentils Employés (employees), G.M = Gentils Membres (guests)

‘We place great importance on our team spirit and enjoy working and growing together’

Our G.Os and G.Es get so much more than just a job. At Club Med, they get to enjoy enriching experiences which transform them. They develop on so many levels, exceed their limits and make friends for life, in what is a truly unique setting and exceptional place to work.

An incredible experience which transforms those who try it

87% of our staff believe that ‘working at Club Med is more than just a job’*

As part of programmes and at shows, our G.Os and G.Es take centre stage thanks to their personality, whilst developing their leadership and communication skills.
They are encouraged to surpass themselves in order to gain self-confidence and self-assurance, and become more daring and willing to try new experiences.

*Since 2014, an internal survey, ‘Voice’, has been in place for all our G.Os and G.Es around the world, the response rate being 71%.
‘Voice’ is available in 20 languages, with an innovative audio version for those who struggle with reading.

A unique culture, an unparalleled spirit and unforgettable places to work

At our Resorts and offices, we offer a unique international working environment.

  • A rich and diverse culture, which you have to experience first-hand to really understand
  • Join a team for a season or programme and see for yourself the kindness which characterises our staff and the power of teamwork

G.O and G.E: a job with meaning

A chance to get involved in projects close to your heart

Created in 1978, the Club Med Foundation is a trailblazer in the world of volunteering, allowing staff to get involved in a number of different solidarity programmes.

  • 14 key partnerships involving long-term social action and educational initiatives
  • 500 children given a chance to attend 8 sports academies
  • More than 3000 children welcomed at the Goûter Planétaire party across 40 Resorts
  • 5 sick children whose dreams we have made come true
  • Partnerships with local biodiversity protection associations at 20 resorts

We forge long-lasting relationships with our G.Os, G.Es and even G.Ms

G.Os and G.Es from all walks of life, who develop their talents and bring out the best in you

The international success of Club Med and the mobility of our staff allow us to form teams with members from very different countries, with very different nationalities, religions and cultures, who live and work together.

Club Med: signatory to the French Diversity Charter since 2004

  • Around 80% of our Chefs de Service and 100% of our Chefs de Village are appointed through internal promotion
  • 46% of our top managers are women and at our Resorts, the level of training and mobility is higher amongst women than men
  • At 55% of our Resorts, teams are made up of members with 15 or more different nationalities, and at 90% more than 9 different nationalities
  • We provide specific training for managers leading multicultural teams
  • Since 2008, we have had a Disability Services Division:
    2.7% of our staff have a disability (including subcontractors)
    41 individuals with disabilities were hired in 2018 and we now have 136 disabled employees

Rich and diverse career paths

For example, in 2017:

  • 20% of our G.Os changed position in comparison to the previous year
  • 26% of our G.Os and G.Es changed the country where they worked
  • In Europe, a unique mobility system allows non-EU staff to spend the summer season in a southern country and then straight after, the winter season in the French Alps

Develop your skills each and every day thanks to the Talent University

  • 15,500 G.Os and G.Es trained each year
  • Training given to 83% of G.Os and G.Es at our Villages over two years
  • More than 1200 interns welcomed at our Talent Campuses, organised each year in France, Asia, Africa and the Americas
  • More than 200 training courses and diploma/degree programmes for our G.Os and G.Es
  • A master’s programme (M2) in International SME Management for our Chefs de Village, offered in collaboration with Paris XII University

Work each and every day with colleagues from all walks of life

  • Work each day with people from very different countries and with very different nationalities and cultures
  • 109 nationalities represented by our staff
  • 90% of our Resorts have G.Os and G.Es with 9 different nationalities or more
  • 33% of our Resorts have staff with at least 15 different nationalities

Strength in diversity

In line with our firm belief that diversity is an asset for any team, since 2007 Club Med has been committed to employing individuals with disabilities.

Our Disability Services Division is responsible for creating and implementing a policy to ensure Club Med is a disability-friendly company to work at.

It oversees the implementation of the 5th Company Agreement on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities, which lays out objectives in terms of:

• Recruitment
• Onboarding and integration of disabled employees
• Adjustments to the working environment and accessibility
• Retaining disabled employees and career management
• Reclassification
• Communication and raising of awareness
• Training
• Working with sheltered employment and disability-friendly organisations and companies

Some figures:

• Since 2007, we have hired more than 400 individuals, as well as welcomed 13 students on sandwich courses and 50 interns, with disabilities
• We have made 300 adjustments to our working environments
• We have run 1800 hours of sessions to raise awareness on disability since 2014
• 4.58%* of our employees have a disability (figure for 2018, including subcontractors)
• We have 133 members of staff with disabilities (figure for 2018)

Some examples:

• Monitoring of applicants who have been officially recognised as being a disabled worker, from sourcing through to when they begin
• Support for staff: making alterations to the working environment, supplying documents in an accessible format, providing information on the disabled worker status, etc.
• Regular training and awareness-raising initiatives for our HR teams and all reception staff at our Resorts and offices in France
• Purchasing goods and services from vocational rehabilitation centres and disability-friendly companies
• Organising the annual training camp of the French national wheelchair fencing team at a Club Med Resort

Specific provisions for disabled employees:

• Financial support for accessing training
• Specific authorised paid leave
• More days working from home
• Implementing measures recommended by occupational health and financed by the Working Environment Adaptation Allowance (Aide à l’adaptation des situations de travail) to help employees overcome the barriers caused by their disability
• For employees with disabilities who need medical equipment in order to overcome the barriers posed by their disability (hearing aid, brace, lumbar belt, etc.): helping them apply for the Compensatory Disability Benefit (Prestation de compensation du handicap) and meeting the amount the employee is required to pay after general disability benefits have been deducted and within the limits of the budget of the Disability Services Division