Share value locally

Our Resorts could not have been accepted or integrated in a harmonious and sustainable way into countries with such different cultures without a deep feeling of respect and responsibility towards these countries. The presence of a Club Med Resort has economic and social repercussions on a region through local employment, transfer of expertise, purchases, etc. but we are looking to go further and develop these benefits.

Solidarity is at the heart of things, with the Club Med Foundation

Club Med, a company that pioneers commitment

With happiness, the more you share it, the more you get back...
This conviction gave rise to the Club Med Foundation in 1978.
Today over 40 years old, it is one of the oldest Foundations created by a company.
It is also a pioneer because it is among the very first to have encouraged employee commitment in solidarity projects, as well as the recycling of refurbished equipment to associations.

The Foundation,

Activator of local solidarity

Today, the Club Med Foundation continues to move forward by designing new forms of solidarity that make use not only of the time and skills of the teams but also of the entire Club Med value chain, and local associations benefit from:
financial contribution with the involvement of suppliers, the donation of equipment or holidays for their loan of infrastructure, the commitment of employees to that of customers...

It focuses its commitments on two priority areas, based on key partners that have been identified and selected for the effectiveness of their actions, near the Club Med sites:

Vulnerable young people:

enable access to education and recreation for all

In 2019:

  • 19 key partners in social or educational action supported over time
  • 430 children supported in 8 sports schools
  • 6 young people welcomed on internships or hired as part of work placements
  • 2,700 children welcomed during the Goûter Planétaire party which took place in 36 Resorts
  • 6 sick children’s dreams fulfilled

Holidays at the heart of the action

More and more of you want to help the Foundation in its actions. This is entirely possible as the Foundation offers multiple ways to contribute to its approach.

Here are a few examples:

The Green Farmers programme

Since 2008, we at Club Med have had a partnership with AGRISUD to promote local farmers’ agriculture and agro-ecology near our Resorts. This original programme is aimed at supporting the creation of viable and sustainable micro agricultural businesses near our sites.

Close to 500 producers are thus trained in the principles of environmentally friendly agriculture and supported in the economic management of their production; they can thus access new markets, such as Club Med’s, and plan for the future with greater peace of mind.

All of this results in delicious, fresh, local, healthy produce that is meaningful and is used everyday in the Resort buffets.

In 2019, 65 tonnes of agroecological products were purchased from local farmers as a direct result of the project worldwide.

Our Resorts that are part of the programme

Healthy Food Corners

We have special spaces for healthy, organic, vegan and vegetarian food in our buffets.
Freshly squeezed fruit juices, a salad bar, homemade granolas, vegetarian dishes, vegan desserts, plant-based milks, gluten-free bread and more – you can now enjoy all of our "Healthy Food" range in the Resorts of Marrakech La Palmeraie, Peisey-Vallandry, Opio in Provence, Arcs Panorama, Valmorel, La Plantation d'Albion, La Pointe aux Canonniers and Cefalu and to a small degree in most Resorts.

All our Resorts with a Healthy Corner

Local jobs and purchases

Close to 75% of Club Med jobs recruited locally.

Due to the variety of activities on offer in a Club Med Resort, the number of jobs created there is greater than in conventional hotels.

On average, 86% of purchases (goods and materials) by a Resort are from suppliers in the country where the Resort is located.
Although a portion of these purchases, which we aren’t able to assess precisely, comes from products imported by the local suppliers themselves, this average nevertheless shows Club Med’s wish to work with local partners, producers or distributors as far as is possible.

The fight against child abuse

in tourism with ECPAT

  • Support for local associations providing assistance to street children (social and family reintegration).
  • Prevention of sex tourism involving children alongside the ECPAT association since 2005.
  • Raising of awareness among G.Ms travelling in sensitive countries.

Since 2008, the Responsible Traveller Charter has been displayed or distributed to encourage G.Ms to discover and respect the nature, culture and the hosts in the host country.
G.Ms are also made aware through posters displayed in the rooms.