Flights, Transfers, Accommodations

Allow yourself the priviledge of not having to worry about it

We have been defusing stress since 1950, and we know that handling the small details before a big trip is anything but relaxing. So, let us take care of it - it's included in your package.

Flights and transfers

Arrive on vacation stress free

When you book your holiday package on our website, transfer* is also available from your arrival destination to our resort. Whenever you arrive our G.O will be waiting for you.
*extra charge is needed

La Plantation d'Albion Club Med

Your room is ready and waiting for you

walk in sight unseen

Designed by the world's most inspired architects and designers, the rooms and suites in each Village are unique. They share one common feature: the comfort and well-being they offer. Lazy sleep in mornings, restorative naps, beauty moments, ... you'll love the every moment you spend in the room.

The Finolhu Villas

The pleasures of the palate

are boundless

Your meals and refreshments are included in your package. Nothing to prepare, no shopping lists, no schedules, no budget over-runs... just the pleasure of fine food.

Food's up!

and food lovers have carte blanche

From breakfast to the evening meal without forgetting breaks for snacks, everything is included in your All Inclusive package. Each Village offers a generous selection of varied dishes and snacks, at practically all hours and with a very demanding French touch. It may take you a while to decide between the deliciously spicy stuffed crab or the pizza bianca with ricotta cheese. Here's a tip: take both!

The Albion Villas

With or without ice cubes?

your refreshments are served on a platter

During the day, but also at night, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks* are included in your package and unlimited (but always in moderation). No need to worry about the check as you sip a fresh mango juice by the pool or enjoy a glass of pinot noir by the chimney. *Served at the bar or by the glass. We also offer a selection of drinks à la carte such as brandy or whiskies (but not included in the package).

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury

in fact, it's free

Club Med has always been about letting go. Forget your daily worries, listen to yourself, take care of yourself, bask in the radiance of the children's glow in a new environment, at a new pace... Relaxation is not only included in your package. It engulfs you.


and you get to define it

You know, all those things that you put off to "later, when I have time": starting yoga, going out, meeting new people,...

La Pointe aux Canonniers

Meanwhile, on the kids' front

the little ones feel at home

Between the Club Med Baby Welcome, the free access to nursery equipment, and the supervised activities of our Mini Club Med (from 4 to 10 years) and our Junior's Club Med (from 11 to 17 years), you'll enjoy your vacation as much as they do. You can take a nap by the pool while, under a pro's guidance, they try out the flying trapeze.

Club Med Kani

International G.O

Our shining Symbol

G.O is shorten from French GENTIL ORGANISATEUR, which means gentle organizer or amicable host. They are what makes Club Med a unique atomsphere. They focus on service details, trying to bring a warm and happy feeling to every guest. Smiles of G.O is our our shining symbol.

Holidays, a source for inspiration

leaving the beaten path is a good thing

Evening events, discovery workshops, free performances, concerts,... All inclusive means sharing happy and relaxed moments invented by our Village teams. Enough to see new faces, refine your dance moves, or uncover a talent for cooking

Welcome to the most beautiful sports club in the world

your body will love you for it

For your next holiday, try water skiing in the Bahama's blue seas, snowboard the contours of the Alps, golf at the foot of Guilin's sugar loaf mountains. Group lessons or accessible to all, with or without a coach, your package opens the doors of the most beautiful sports club in the world... free.

Shows & Parties

Happiness is everything

At Club Med, life is about celebration. From a carnival party, to circus night and French cancan … every evening our multi-talented G.O will perform creative entertainment program that are designed to dazzle and bring joy to all. At Club Med, you and your team can relax and enjoy good times together as you watch live performances and dance to the DJ beats.