The highest and most extensive mountains in Europe, the Alps are, without doubt, the ideal location for memorable skiing holidays. But not only! Beyond winter sports, the Alps offer a spectacular backdrop for summer activities, Alpine villages with traditional woodworking, cheesemaking and strong cultural identity.


is a country of culture and art,
medieval and port cities, tranquil villages, mountains and beaches.
There's the Eiffel Tower, high fashion, gourmet cuisine, wine and so much
more. France: a lesson in art-de-vivre.


has world-renowned food, ruins of the Roman Empire, and the Alps. Discover
northern Italy's Alpine flair, skiing
and snow sports in the winter; golfing or trekking in the summer. You’ll
never forget an Italian holiday.


or summer, the Swiss Alps are ideal for family holidays be they for winter
sports or a summer experience. There's always something to do in the Alps:
sports, admiring the panorama, exploring Alpine villages, or just relaxing.