Solidarity at heart, with the Club Med Foundation

Club Med, a pioneer company of engagement

Happiness is greater the more you share it and the more of it you receive...
The Club Med Foundation was founded in 1978 out of this conviction.
At over 40 years old, it is one of the oldest foundations established by a company.
It is also a pioneer, as it was among the first to promote employee involvement in solidarity projects and the recycling of discarded materials to organizations.

Today, the Foundation continues to move forward by designing new forms of solidarity that leverage not only the time and skills of its teams, but also the entire Club Med value chain to benefit nearby organizations. It identifies key partners proven in the field, selected for their seriousness and efficiency, and helps them to strengthen their work:

  • Financial donations, donations of materials and time.
  • Lending of infrastructure, donations of stays
  • Involvement of teams, clients, suppliers...

Club Med Foundation's commitments:

1. Commitment to youth

Access to education and recreation for all

One of the two areas where the Club Med Foundation focuses its commitment is in supporting the development of youth at risk through access to education and recreation for all. For example, we open the activities and services offered at our resorts to children who live nearby.

  • Thus, children from partner organizations are regularly invited to enjoy a snack, animations and sports activities on the occasion of the Planetary Snack.
  • Since 2008, the Foundation has organized 10 sports schools (provision of sports facilities with supervisors to allow the regular practice of a sport) in five countries for 1000 children who have been able to learn numerous sports: Tennis, Golf, Archery, Table Tennis, Swimming and Dancing.
  • In addition to providing access to modern infrastructures, these actions enable the children of our G.M and the children of neighboring towns and villages to meet. With the Friendships without borders program, afternoons of meeting and exchange are organized, combined with cultural and fun activities. In 2019, 46 sessions were organized in 11 resorts, benefiting 3085 beneficiaries.

We also accompany and support the projects of partner organizations.

  • For example, in our resort Cap Skirring in Senegal, we have become partners of the organizations Casamasanté and Aide & Action. In partnership with the former, we provided medical consultations and treatment to 1500 children. With the second organization, we financed the electrification of more than 10 schools near Cap Skirring.

  • With the Association Petits Princes we enable seriously ill children to realize a dream. Eren and Joachim were thus able to realize their dream of discovering the mountains and skiing.

  • The Vocational Bridges, a program to facilitate career entry through internships, temporary work contracts and career exploration days, benefited 196 young people living near our resorts in 2019.

Some initiatives of the Foundation in favor of youth:

2. Protection of biological diversity

We know that tourism can have a harmful impact on the environment. For this reason, Club Med Foundation is involved in conserving the biodiversity around the resorts and developing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism, through 3 main actions:

  • GREEN FARMERS: Training local small farmers in agroecology (in 6 countries), in partnership with the NGO Agrisud International. Flagship project with strong impact on both beneficiaries and clients. In this context, it was cited as an example of "sustainable food supply" at the UN COP 25 in Madrid in December 2019 and was also honored by the Senegalese Minister of Tourism during a trip to Cap Skirring.
  • MARINE BLUE: Combating plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea with Expédition Med, protecting whales with the WCA (World Cetacean Alliance),
  • GREEN KEEPERS: in 25 Resorts partnerships with local organizations to protect biodiversity.

3. Collection Fund

he Donation Fund "Friends of Club Med Foundation" was created in 2012 in response to the demand of our G.M and is intended to receive the financial donations of our customers and partners, who are increasingly willing to also participate in solidarity projects identified by the Club Med Corporate Foundation.

There are many ways to support and contribute to the actions carried out by Club Med.
First, we offer our guests to make a donation when booking their vacation.
Once you arrive at Club Med Resort, regular fundraising events are organized. These events are an opportunity to collect donations, but also to promote meetings between our guests and the local community. Throughout the year and outside our resorts, we also organize online auctions and raffles, the proceeds of which support the work of our Foundation.